How to start investing?

Last modified: - is an investment platform that provides various tools for creating crypto-portfolios and manage them.

All coins presented on the platform have an instant share feature, which means an investor does not need to wait anytime for getting his coins into the masternode. 

Deposit any amount of it to the platform to receive rewards.

At the main page of the platform you will see a list of coins available for investment.

Here you will see information about the ROI of the coin and the cost of service as well as the rating

Select the coin you like and press on Invest and create a deposit address then send the coins there. Keep in mind that only coins that you have selected can be sent to this address (for example, you cannot send bitcoins to the Midas address and receive Midas coins).

We do not set a minimum deposit limit, but some wallets do not accept transactions of less than one coin.

If you do not have coins but want to invest using bitcoin, then you can buy coins directly from using the Buy button next to your coin. it's called Instant buy.

Success! You are awesome!

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